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domingo, 18 de septiembre de 2011

I Need..

I need help, I never thought I would ask but true, folks. I have a problem: I need Him to help me out of my head. A stop thinking about the stupid daisy petals and sometimes I say I want and other times I say no. It need not be the first thing I think about waking and the last thing you dream. I need those blue eyes disappear and let me breathe easy. I need you to go, let her go too far to miss him for some reason. I need you to run out of memories, which do not appear in my mind a few moments I lived at his side, his first kiss, first touch, the first time he shook my hand and the first time that made me believe I was the unique. I need to stop thinking that our story is special because I know perfectly well, but do not want to admit it, I am a single chapter in its history and for me it is the end. I need to curb that addiction that can speak with him without half of my brain to paralyze and stop my heart beat like the last seconds of my life. I need to stop watching the stupid little screen phone that I am becoming more desperate. I need help feeling special to him and realize, once and for all that I am nothing. I need to forget the sound of his laughter and beautiful words to me watching the sunrise. I need to take refuge in anything other than his arms.I need to stop mourn and feel insecure in a relationship that has not even begun. Need you need to do it without regret. Need to know if you want, if you love him or hate has become more important than I thought. Need, Nose I need ...

3 comentarios:

Paula dijo...

Me encantaaaaa tu blog!! Te sigo!! ¿Puedes seguirme tu a mi? Me haria mucha ilusion...


Caro dijo...

Hola me paso! , me encanta tu blog . Te espero por el mio que escribi una nueva entrada puedes comentar y tambier poner las reacciones que te genero: me encanta, es interesante, es ideal.
Sigueme si quieres .Yo te sigo

Lizzy dijo...

I understand you. i feel like at this time, really. i love your blog :)